Getting started with Nifty API

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Hello and welcome! We're excited to have you build your own integrations and Nifty apps with our REST API documentation.

The lefthand sidebar will allow you to navigate to the Authentication section as well as explore our Endpoints section. Each Endpoint has an example Request and Response to help you understand how to leverage the call.

We apply request rate limits per token to make sure the API runs efficiently for everyone.

GET: 200 requests per minute POST: 50 requests per minute PUT: 50 requests per minute DELETE: 10 requests per minute

Get started in the Authentication section of the document. Please note that our API is available to customers on the Business Plan and above. Contact if you're a third party tool looking to partner and build an integration with Nifty.

You can try our API using Swagger.

Before you start with the documentation, check our help article and create your app in Nifty.

This is the documentation for version 1.0 of the API. Last update on Sep 13, 2023.